Our Foundation can assist patients with Advance Directives, Living Wills, Health Surrogate Paperwork and Estate Planning. RNCG Angel Foundation can also assist patients with transportation to and from their treatment appointments. We partner with clinicians and experts in their field to bring educational programs and resources to better enhance a patients/caregiver's knowledge base when dealing with cancer. We also are supported by the professional oncology nurse navigators of RN Cancer Guides to assist cancer patients with navigating their medical care. RNCG Angel Foundation has teamed up with other non for profits and organizations that support cancer patients in various ways. These relationships help provide a full spectrum of resources for cancer patients and their caregivers.


We use community based organizations such as RN Cancer Guides,  to provide oncology navigation and advocacy to patients who otherwise would not have access to these specialized nurses.

Oncology nurses provide education, support and resources that cancer patients wouldn't even know to look for.

These nurses are also a benefit to a cancer patient's caregiver. As a caregiver, knowing that you have a trusted resource to turn to means less stress and higher confidence in one's own abilities.



The RNCG Angel Foundation provides transportation services to cancer patients. Rides to and from their physician, therapy, chemotherapy and other provider appointments are imperative for treatment.

We partner with resources both national providers such as the American Cancer Society (ACS) as well as local organizations such as TransCare to ensure that patients are able to get to their provider appointments.

When you are facing cancer the last thing that you should have to deal with is trying to find a ride.

When a patient is told they have cancer the first thing most do is reach for the computer and start researching their diagnosis, treatment options and what to expect. Caregivers and families also are reaching for any information that might help them understand and support their loved one. Our Foundation is dedicated to making sure that credible, evidence based information is presented and disseminated. We research our resources list and will be providing up to date webinars.
Many patients do not think about attending to legal matters such as Advance Directives, Living Wills, Health Surrogate Paperwork or Estate Planning. These are all issues that one should think of with or without a cancer diagnosis. The cost may seem to expensive but our foundation had partnered with attorneys to provide these services on a sliding scale. Organizing and addressing legal issues is another way to be proactive, prevent family discourse and making wishes known regarding the patient's health care.